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Annual Family Donation Program


Every fall we start a new school year with lots of excitement and we give thanks to have our children enrolled in an amazing school. At CCAA we have so many needs that are not funded by the TCDSB and therefore there is a need for fundraising to provide enriched learning experiences for our children.

Friends of Cardinal Carter is the fundraising arm of the school. In 2016, a direct donation campaign was started to eliminate the need for raffles and other fundraising events. Thanks to your generous donations we raised
over $30,000. In 2018-2019, we continued this important campaign and raised again an amazing $30,000 from the families of CCAA and local businesses. 


We need your support in 2022-2023! Any amount donated is greatly appreciated. Friends of CCAA will send you a tax receipt for any donation of $20 of more.

How to donate

To make a donation online using your credit card, please click on the Donate Now button and select CanadaHelps. Alternatively, please download the donation form here and return it along with your cheque to the school office. For other donation options (including the United Way Designated Gift option), please click here.

Spring 2022 Arts events

The winning numbers are:

1. Skullcandy Earphones x2 - tickets 03889976 and 07708629

2. Sony Wireless Headphones x1 - ticket 07708592

3. TD Blue Jay Tickets  - ticket 07708748

4. iPad 11 and Apple Pen  - ticket 07708711

Your fundraising dollars at work 2020-2021

Items purchased - December 2020



French Department


Dance Department

Video Camera

Visual Arts

Pottery Wheel


Your fundraising dollars at work 2019-2020

Items purchased - December 2019


Travelling case

Moving heads

Christmas tree/decorations

Music Department

Conductor Stand

Music Sheets


Com Tech Projector

Dance Department

Rosco Flooring

Physical Education

Dell Chrome Books

Your fundraising dollars at work 2018-2019


Items purchased - June 2019


8 x Mic Stands

1 x Road Case (for mics/ stands)

1 x Mic Case


Band Department

1 x Full size Marimba



2 x Canon EOS Rebel T7o

2 x Canon LP E-17 Battery Pack

2 x 32GB memory cards

2 x OBX Rode Videomic

2 x Manfotto Aluminum Tripod

2 x OBX Wacom Tablets

Visual Arts Department

18 x Studio Beechwood Easels

30 x Print making screens 16x20

30 x Masonite boards 16”x 30”

60 x Bulldog Clips 3”

1x Ultimate Diazo Screen-Printing Kit

1 x Diazo Emulsion

50 x Scissors

1 x Mat Cutter 



DVDs – Geography & Business Course

Document & Regular Projectors (Math)

Laptops & Speakers (Elementary)

Your fundraising dollars at work 2017-2018


Items purchased - June 2018

Wireless microphones



Music stands

Small viola

Small half bass

Sewing machines

Basketball nets

Games/Table tennis tables

Items purchased - December 2017

Music - Music Anthology (sheet music) - European sacred Music 

Technology - Lease on 28 computers to create another computer lab at Carter 

1x DSLR  camera, battery and memory card 

4x light box light pads 

2x Asus Zen Pads

2x graphic tablets 

2x multimedia speakers 

1x DVD projector with DVD player 

2x Apple mini iPad 

2x Stereo receivers with 2x phone adapter cords  

Your fundraising dollars at work 2016-2017


It was a very successful fundraising year thanks to all of the generous donations we received through our first Annual Family Donation program. The intention was for this new campaign to eliminate the need to hold raffles and other forms of fundraising throughout the school year.

The Board of Directors is pleased to advise you that just over $36,500 was approved to spend on items requested from the school community.

Items purchased - June 2017

English - 2 iPad minis with VGA adapters

Visual Arts - Kiln

 *Note that the Visual Arts department determined that it would be more cost effective to have their      existing Kiln repaired

Music - Choral risers

Theatre - Projector for arts events, school assemblies, etc.

School community/students' request - Industrial BBQ to be used for school functions

Technology - Photography backdrop, new camera, 2 LED video lights, 2 LED photography lights, 2 video microphones, 2 32 GB SD memory cards

Items purchased - December 2016

Dance - 4 Ballet Barres

Technology - 2 Drawing tablets

Music - Music notation computer workstation

Double Bass Viola

Double Bass Viola

Donated to Music Department.

Music Stand

Music Stand

Donated to Music Department

Carter Swimming Caps

Carter Swimming Caps

Donated to CCAA Swim Team.

Marimba Speaker Metronome

Marimba Speaker Metronome

Donated to Music Department.

Drawing Stand

Drawing Stand

Donated to the Visual Arts department.

Bob Marley Speakers

Bob Marley Speakers

Donated to the Music Department.

Drawing Tablets

Drawing Tablets

Donated to the Visual Arts department.

Portable Music System

Portable Music System

Donated to the Music department.

Industrial Barbecue

Industrial Barbecue

Donated for various school functions

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