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Why was Friends of Cardinal Carter Established?

The school opened its doors in 1990.  Within a few years, it was evident that in order to sustain and continue to deliver superior, high quality, enriched arts education, additional funds would be needed on an on-going basis.  As per Ministry regulations, publicly funded schools cannot charge students additional instructional or capital fees.

In 1998, a group of parents formed Friends of Cardinal Carter (Friends) to assist the school.

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Who are the members of Friends of Cardinal Carter?

Just as the demographics of the school has changed over time, Friends of Cardinal Carter has also evolved since it’s inception.  In recent years, Friends has not been as active in the school community while the board revisited its mandate and methods of raising funds.   Currently, the organization consists of a Board of Directors with NINE members from both the parent community and the school’s administration.

With a minimum donation of $35 (or such other amount as determined from time to time by the Board), anyone can become a member at large of Friends and receive updates and participate in the Annual General Meeting.

Volunteer positions are also available.

Please contact us by email at if you are interested in helping us.

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What does Friends of Cardinal Carter do?

As a registered, independent, charitable organization, Friends’ mission is to raise monies to bridge the funding gap thereby allowing CCAA to maintain the quality and integrity of the school and its programs.

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If I donate to Friends of Cardinal Carter, do I get a tax receipt?

Friends is a registered charitable organization and tax receipts are issued for all eligible donations.

If you donate via CanadaHelps, they provide the receipt.

If you donate via cheque or cash (at an event), then the Treasurer issues you a receipt by the following February.

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Aren’t our tax dollars supposed to pay for education?

Yes, our tax dollars do pay for education.  However, an arts education school such as Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts has special needs above and beyond regular secondary schools.

CCAA’s administration and staff are very proficient at managing the funds they receive but they are often not able to fund “the extras”.

As the school ages so does the equipment, facilities and the infrastructure.

Friends would like to give these talented students the state of the art facilities and equipment they deserve.

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What is the relationship between Friends, the school and the school board?

As a registered, independent, charitable organization, Friends is independent of the school and the school board.  Friends is governed by its own by-laws and established procedures.

However, in order to fulfill its goals and objectives, Friends works very closely with both the school administration and the Board.

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What are the goals of Friends of Cardinal Carter?

Friends goals are very simple.  Friends wants to help provide an environment where every student at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts can experience a fulfilling and state of the art arts-education experience.

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How does Friends decide what to fund?

Friends has an established protocol by which the school administration can approach us for funding.  A key component of the project is for it to impact a wide spectrum of students versus a select few.

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Who manages the money?

Friends manages all donor funds in our own bank and investment accounts.  A professional accountant volunteers his services to counsel and assist the treasurer with the reporting requirements.

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Can donors determine how their donations will be spent?

To meet our mandate of funding projects which impact the widest spectrum of students,  funds cannot be allocated to a specific need at this time.  However, we are currently looking at ways to segregate aspects of the Theatre Renewal Initiative into smaller projects.  Stay tuned.

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If you have further questions please feel free to contact us at

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